New York New York

New York New York

As a global city and the world’s busiest cities, a variety of people from various races and cultures around the world are easy to find in New York. And indeed, during rush hour, the city was almost like a sea of people.

NYC Subways train, the New York city public transportation, is where you can meet all kinds of people. Local residents are very expressive, both in their appearance and attitude. Meanwhile, immigrants from all parts of the world blend with the locals, but at the same time still carrying their own tradition and custom. Like a spy, while I was on my way somewhere, I secretly captured people’s activities in the subway using my mobile phone.

I liked that thrill, it is like stealing something from them. Because, sometimes we are wandering around to search for an interesting picture, but often the best photos are right under your nose. The main thing to do is really paying attention, and most of the time we better wait and be patient.


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